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Interview with Eddie Jones

Allison Brown: Have you had a good camp while you have been out here?

◤ Eddie Jones: Browns is an excellent place for a camp. We have enjoyed the facilities. Enjoyed the services of the staff. The weather was great. So it is certainly being one of the best camps we have had.


A: That's very nice to hear. This is 6th time you've been here since October 2016. Why do you choose to come back?

◤ E: All the facilities are good. That's one stop shop, which is important for players on a Camp because they don't have to get on a bus so we can train hard, recover well and the food here is fantastic. So it's a very relaxing setting that allows the players not only to focus on their work but also relax in an appropriate way.


A: Would you say that is the main benefit of having everything on site? 

◤ E: Yes, definitively. When you want to do an intensive camp, when you have the players only for a short period of time, one of the things that drains energy is getting on buses and the beauty of being at Browns is that you don't have to get on a bus.


A: You have seen a lot of improvements since the 1st time here. You were here with Saracens the 1st time which is a while back! What would you say will be the biggest improvement you have seen at Browns over the years?

◤ E: I think the biggest improvement is having two fields. There is a smaller field, which we find very useful through our organizational stuff and then when we want to train a little bit harder we go on the bigger field. And having those two fields allow us that flexibility. Another great thing is the gym now has been extended and the gym now functions in a 1st class manner. We also got the use of indoor areas such as the 3G where we put mats on which allow us to do basically everything within walking distance of 30 meters.


A: You seem to have a lot of inspiration from coaches of different sports. What would you say it would be an advantage for coaches of other sports to use Browns as a Training Camp destination?

◤ E: I think firstly the warm weather. You know that’s always easier for players to train in warm weather and just the fact you've  got everything on-site and you can do everything which allows your players full recovery. That’s one of the things players coming here, so they can train hard and they can recover very well because there’s not only cold, there’s hot, and they are able to get a massage at any time because it's all very close.


A: So would you recommend Browns to other coaches?

◤ E: I recommend Browns very highly to any team sport and even individual sports I think it would be very useful.


A: Thank you for taking the time to meet with me. We appreciating you choosing Browns.

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