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Limited services during lockdown


Due the rules of new lockdown started as of Friday 15th January:

  • The sports facilities will be closed.
  • The Fitness Classes will be online as of Monday, 18th January. Some of them will be LIVE and others will bepre-recorded.
  • Renting sports equipment will be available (bikes, trampolines and steps) to members so that they can do these classes at home.
  • Personal training sessions will continue to be available, with the option to do it LIVE via your preferred platform (Zoom, Facebook, or WhatsApp).

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.





As a member, you have access to an abundance of group exercise classes
given by excellent, enthusiastic instructors.

17 different Fitness classes to choose from!
1590 minutes of group exercises per week!
Our Classes are in Portuguese and English.
Multi International environment. 

Whether you are looking for low or high intensity, we are confident you will find a combination of classes that best suit your personality and goals! 

  • High Impact: B Attack, Piloxing KO and Tabata Training
  • Medium Impact: B Tech and TRX
  • Low Impact: B Balance, Mobility & Stretching, Pilates and Yoga
  • Cardio: Indoor Cycling, Jump In and B Attack
  • Focus and muscle tone: B Pump, B Tech, BumBum Fit, Core, Tabata Training and TRX
  • Rhythms and Choreography: Step, Zumba and Zumba Step



B Attack

50 min  —  1x/week

A full body, high energy workout inspired by sport moves aimed to tone. Class catered to total beginners and addicts alike.

7:50 — Fridays

Instructor: Cynthia Barboza



B Balance

50 min  —  2x/week

It combines Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates workout. It builds flexibility and strength and leaves you feeling centered and calm.

18:30 — Mondays
9:00 — Fridays

Instructor: Helena Teixeira


B Pump

50 min  —  2x/week

It is a barbell class that strengthens your entire body. This workout challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises like squats, presses, lifts and curls.

10:10 — Tuesdays and Fridays

Instructor: Helena Teixeira



B Tech

50 min  —  1x/week

Full body workout with functional movements adapted to help us in our everyday challenges.

18:30 — Tuesdays

Instructor: Carol Ramage



BumBum Fit

30 min  —  1x/week

Class dedicated exclusively to your glutes, thighs and abs, improving your general conditioning, burning fat as well as toning your lower-body.

18:30 — Fridays

Instructor: Eliana Silva




30 min  —  1x/week

It improves your body awareness and posture by toning and strengthening the deepest and most superficial muscles in your torso. Ideal for preventing injuries and adapting to various day-to-day situations.

19:00 — Wednesdays

Instructor: João Pais



Indoor Cycling

50 min  —  7x/week

Recognized as one of the best low-impact workouts available, this class will take you through different resistance, speed and interval training on a stationary bike, all the motivating rhythm of music.

07:50 — Thursdays
11:00 — Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
19:40 — Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Instructors: João Pais, Carol Ramage, Tracy Sutherland e Eliana Santos



Jump In

50 min  —  2x/week

This fun, dynamic class is a calorie-burning cardio workout conducted on individual trampolines. Choreographed to the sound of energetic music, the moves will give you a full body workout, leaving you feeling more toned, strong and energized!

09:45 — Saturdays
19:40 — Mondays

Instructor: Carol Ramage



& Stretching

50 min  —  2x/week

Improve overall physical fitness, strength and flexibility with a class that aims to build a stronger, more confident you. Feel invigorated both physically and mentally by doing exercises designed to reduce stress and increase your range of motion.

09:00 — Tuesdays and Thursdays

Instructor: João Pais




50 min  —  2x/week

This class is perfect for those looking for a class that will improve your overall posture, balance, flexibility and strength. The exercises are designed to address all muscle groups, including postural muscles, thus helping to release back, shoulder and neck tension.

09:00 — Wednesdays
09:45 — Mondays

Instructor: Helena Teixeira



Piloxing KO

50 min  —  1x/week

A high intensity plyometric class that combines functional training with sports conditioning drills aimed at increasing the level of physical conditioning and endurance.

10:10 — Thursdays

Instructor: Bela Pereira




50 min  —  1x/week

A class aerobic class using a raised platform. The instructor will guide you through the steps of a choreographed routine aimed at increasing your heart rate, strengthening your muscles and improving both your coordination and concentration!

19:40 — Thursdays

Instructor: João Pais



Tabata Training

50 min  —  2x/week

High intensity interval training that uses short periods of work (20'') combined with rest periods (10''). Excellent workout that will help you tone and increase your muscular and aerobic resistance.

07:50 — Tuesdays
18:30 — Thursdays

Instructor: João Pais




50 min  —  2x/week

A class using a suspension training tool that allows you to use your own body weight as resistance when completing the series of exercises designed to develop and improve core stability, strength and flexibility.

11:00 — Saturdays
18:00 — Wednesdays

Instructor: João Pais




75 to 90 min  —  2x/week

In this integral yoga class, you will develop balance, mobility and flexibility, improving your body and breath awareness.

The postures are practiced focusing on correct alignment and breathing, and they are adapted to the individual ability of each practitioner.

You will also practice relaxation, breathing and concentration techniques, reducing stress and contributing to a more focused and productive mind.

19:15 — Wednesdays and Fridays

Instructor: Tiago Boto




50 min  —  1x/week

An aerobic fitness class that blends various dance styles into a fun, energizing choreographed workout that makes you sweat, smile and improve your coordination.

Enjoy moving to Latin and International music to bring your heart-rate up for a great cardiovascular workout!

11:00 — Mondays

Instructor: Bela Pereira



Zumba Step

50 min  —  1x/week

It combines the awesome toning and strengthening power of Step aerobics with the fun fitness-party that only Zumba brings to the dance-floor.

It increases cardio and calorie burning, while adding moves that define and sculpt your core and legs.

10:10 — Wednesdays

Instructor: Eli Branco




Please book your classes in advance

Note that the sports facilities and classes will have a restricted number of persons permitted at the moment.
Reserve your entrance ahead of time using our App.

If you need help or you are not a member, you can text or call this number (+351) 910-691-096 as of 24 hrs before the class. We will confirm your spot by replying to the text. Please note we will not take any reservations earlier than 24hours before the class. 


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