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Portuguese U19 women's team fight for qualifying round in the Algarve

The Portuguese Women's National Football Team Under-19 was in the Algarve between the 15th and the 25th of October 2021 to dispute the 1st qualifying round for the 2022 European Championship.

With matches scheduled with the Czech Republic, Spain and Slovakia, respectively on the 19th, 22nd and 25th, at the Algarve Stadium (Faro) and Albufeira Municipal Stadium (Albufeira), the continuation of the preparation of the Quinas’ squad, part of Group 6 of League A, took place in Vilamoura, at Browns Sports Resort. 


Photos taken at Browns Sports Resort


You can check some photos of one of their training sessions by clicking here, as also footage from some of the scenes on Portuguese TV channel Canal 11   ❯

In the end, Portugal made it through to the 2nd Round of League A, qualifying for Euro 2022.

Browns wishes the team led by Jose Paisana to reach the final to be played in the Czech Republic.




Portugal 1 - 2 Czech Republic
Tuesday | 19.Oct.2021 at 4pm (GMT)
at the Algarve Stadium, Faro


Spain 4 - 0 Portugal
Friday | 22.Oct.2021 at 4pm (GMT)
at the Albufeira Municipal Stadium, Albufeira


Slovakia 2 - 4 Portugal
Monday| 25.Oct.2021 at 4pm (GMT)
at the Algarve Stadium, Faro





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"I would like to thank those who welcomed us during these 10 days in such a cordial, friendly and professional way.
We felt at home, as nothing was missing, which made it possible to carry out our work smoothly.
Thank you, because knowing how to receive is a fantastic virtue that distinguishes human beings."

— José Manuel Matos Paisana
(The Head Coach of Portugal Women’s Football U19)




Íris Esgueirão (Clube de Albergaria)
Catarina Potra (Sporting CP, Sad)


Nelly Rodrigues (Paris SG)
Joana Prazeres (FC Famalicão)
Inês Oliveira (Varzim Sport Club - CSBA)
Joana Silva (CS Marítimo da Madeira)
Ana Assucena (SF Damaiense)
Cláudia Mendinhas (SL Benfica)
Ana Cruz (FC Famalicão)


Beatriz Nogueira (SL Benfica)
Maria Miller (FC Famalicão)
Joana Caiado (Sporting CP, Sad)
Leonor Alves (Clube de Albergaria)
Joana Silva (CS Marítimo da Madeira)
Filipa Bandeira (GD Estoril Praia)
Maria Alagoa (Lusitano Fc Vildemoinhos)


Maria Leonor (SC Braga)
Matilde Silva (SL Benfica)
Margarida Caniço (Sporting Cp, Sad)
Maria Negrão (SL Benfica)
Marta Salvador (SL Benfica)


Head Coach:
José Manuel Matos Paisana | find out more ❯





“The UEFA Executive Committee has approved a new format for the qualification of the Women's Under-19 European Championship. The aim is to allow the development of young elite players. The countries involved have been divided into two leagues (A and B) according to their position in the organisation's coefficient ranking. Portugal was placed in League A.

In the first qualifying round, the groups will dispute mini-tournaments, divided in two leagues (A and B). The winners of each League B tournament will be promoted and the runners-up in the League A tournaments will be relegated.

In the second round, to be held in spring 2022, replacing the Elite Round, the teams that will be in the final phase will be determined. The winners and best second-placed team from the second round will advance to the final round in the Czech Republic.

Following the conclusion of the second qualifying round, the winners of the League B mini-tournaments will be promoted and the runners-up in the League A mini-tournaments will be relegated to the first round of the next edition of the competition.

The new format will ensure greater competitive balance because all teams will play against opponents of a similar level, while all teams will still have the opportunity to qualify for the final round.

It also guarantees a minimum of 5 or 6 official matches per season, played in the existing competitive windows. In addition, hosts of the final phases, by participating in the qualifying phases, will be able to play official matches before the final phase.

This new format will also be implemented in the qualification for the European Women's Under-17 Championship."








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