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Methodist College Belfast (U18) returned to one of its important places

"To the staff at Brown's,
Browns Sports and Leisure Club has become an important place to us.
This is our eight season in a row here. We keep coming back.

"And, as with age, you choose
your own way
among the many faces
of a busy world
may you always remember
the path that leads back,
... back to the important places"
(Dad to Forest, 1986)

As a 1st XV and 2nd XV, we are about to start our cup competition campaigns. Last year we won all four of the cup competitions in Ulster last season. Players from all four of these winning squads had turned at Brown's. We want to succeed again this year, and you help us to succeed. We will keep coming back to the important places.

Deus Nobiscom"
— Methodist College Senior Squad

Methodist College, 1XV & 2XV (U18), this was the 9th visit to Browns since the first camp in 2010. Game Vs Portugal in Lisbon and a victory with 45 - 10. The tour ended with a Go Karting Race.


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