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Open registrations for Swimming Classes for children.


Back to an active and healthy life in safety

It is with a sparkle in our eyes that we welcome you back and assist you in your return to a more fulfilled, happier and healthier life.

We implemented some procedures and rules for your return and to optimize the safety and comfort for you as well as your fellow members.



Hi! How are you?
Our Browns team would like to help you get back to healthy habits with a regular exercise routine! 

More than ever, specialists are recommending that people exercise on a regular basis to improve one’s well being, both physically and mentally. 

Since March 2020, we frequently hear about the rules implemented to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19. Just hearing the word “rules”, we automatically associate it to negativity, right? 

Well, we believe it doesn't have to be all negative. When we re-opened the Health Club doors on the 1st June,  we all had to adapt to the new procedures and rules that were implemented to optimize the security and comfort of all of our members. This new reality has actually shown us new methods of working to benefit our members:  

➊ Reserving group activities is easier, convenient and fast!

Reserving your class can now be done from anywhere using your mobile, with a simple click!

What has this changed? It’s eliminated the long queues at Reception to reserve your spot in your favourite class, and you can now easily see how many spaces are still available from wherever you are!

➋ Taking advantage of the beautiful outdoors

There are very few gyms that have such ample outside space as ours.

We received great feedback from members who enjoyed being able to partake in their favourite class outside in the open air, and we want to repeat this experience more times.

➌ Even more attention from the instructors

Reducing the number of persons per group activity has had its benefits, with members getting even more attention from the instructors!

➍ Emphasizing hygiene & cleanliness

Emphasis on washing our hands and disinfecting equipment after use has made coming to the gym safer for all our members.

Practising these healthy habits can help prevent the common cold and Coronavirus

Thank you for thinking of one another!

➎ Maintaining our distance, but not being socially distant

Playing tennis, squash, football, basketball, table tennis, and attending group fitness classes can still be done safely.

Organize a game with friends, family and fellow members at the health club, where you can continue to be social at a recommended distance.


In summary, minimizing physical contact and improving our hygiene habits doesn’t have to stop us from keeping physically, mentally and socially active.

How have our members responded to the implemented measures?

Read the testimonials gathered in October 2020:

I feel safe doing what makes me so happy and healthy

"Everything is the same besides the changes. That's how I feel about my day-to-day life at Browns.

It's still the same place where, for 20 years and on a daily basis, I release the tension of the day and have 'my moment' but at the same time I realise that a lot has changed.

The club has incorporated all the safety and hygiene measures required by the health authorities and the members religiously comply with the set of rules laid down by the management.

Therefore, I feel that I am in a safe place, where everyone is highly responsible, namely in the use of masks and constant hygiene of the equipment.

I thank the management, staff, instructors and especially the cleaning team, for their effort, civism and great sense of responsibility.

For all this, I feel safe doing what makes me so happy and gives me health."

— Alexandra Trindade

* This testimonial was translated to English.


I returned and found a space adapted to the contingencies we live in

"We started the year 2020 hearing about a virus that turned into a pandemic and the unthinkable happened.... The world went into lockdown and our lives on hold! Fear fell on each one of us, so the return to the "new normality" was under the aegis of this feeling. We had to decide whether to return to the Browns.

Alongside the fear, there was the ultimate desire to return to physical exercise, a source of physical and psychological well-being. So I returned and found a space adapted to the contingencies we live in, namely with new hygiene and safety rules, classes outside when possible, new app to book classes and spaces, use of mask, disinfectant, alcohol gel, among others.

After almost five months, I am still convinced that this was the right choice, because after all, physical activity is synonymous of health".

— Sónia Faustino

* This testimonial was translated to English.


Browns could not have done anymore to ensure the protection of the member's health and welfare.

"As a member of Browns Sports Facility pre-COVID, I enjoyed many classes which were all excellent in quality with professional instructors.

Having returned following lockdown, I'm delighted to say that none of the core elements have changed and now run alongside strict Covid-19 rules, which include social distancing and the sanitizing of all equipment and studios.

In my opinion, Browns could not have done anymore to ensure the protection of the member's health and welfare.

With the introduction of a new app, classes can be pre-booked 24 hours in advance, ensuring numbers are strictly adhered to.

Entry is via a QR-code on your mobile phone so that contact with surfaces is minimal.

Along with the obvious physical and mental health benefits, being able to socialise again with both old and new members and see familiar staff faces always ready and willing to help you, Browns has provided a small return to normality in difficult times and for this, I thank them greatly....

Kindest regards"

— Stephanie Sestito


I have been totally impressed with the caring and professional manner with which all of the Browns team have adapted to the new restrictions.

"I was nervous about returning to Browns after lockdown for obvious reasons. But I have been totally impressed with the caring and professional manner with which all of the Browns team have adapted to the new restrictions.

They have done everything they can to:

a) keep us safe and

b) provide us with a good variety of classes.

The trainers are just as great as they've always been and I genuinely feel that my suggestions and concerns are listened to.

Ten out of ten from me!"

— Samantha Diamond


It is possible for us to keep our sports practice safe

"It was good to get back to the gym.

By taking all the precautions and following the rules proposed by Browns, it is possible for us to keep our sports practice safe."

— Luís Pinto

* This testimonial was translated to English.


People (...) are still smiling and training with their usual enthusiasm!

"It's so nice to go to the gym, to see people who are aware that they have to take extra care, but who are still smiling and training with their usual enthusiasm!"

— Natália Dantas

* This testimonial was translated to English.


Measures to mitigate COVID-19

Measures in accordance with the rules of DGS - Directorate-General of Health from Portugal (covid19estamoson.gov.pt)
and Portugal Activo - Portuguese Association of Fitness and Health Clubs from Portugal (portugalactivo.pt)


General measures and preparation

  1. Please make sure that we have your updated contact details (name, e-mail address and mobile contact). 

  2. Please respect the health & safety guidelines on display throughout the complex. Example: Washing your hands or using hand sanitizer before and after exercising. View Attachments.

  3. Please note that the sports facilities and classes will have a restricted number of persons permitted. Please reserve your entrance ahead of time.

Space allocation

  1. When using facilities, please make sure to respect the social distancing. Please pay attention to floor signs, posters on display and do not move equipment or furniture;

  2. There must be 2 meters distance between people when not exercising (reception, bar, common areas, etc.); 

  3. 3 meters between people when exercising.

  4. The maximum occupancy will be based on how many we can have in the designated location while respecting social distances.
    The Health Club Gym can be currently used by up to 15 people.

  5. Outdoor physical activities are allowed:
    Group activities with Fitness Instructor
    Sessions with a Personal Trainer

  6. Playing low-risk sports (non physical contact) is allowed:
    Table tennis

  7. Playing medium-risk sports (there is no distance between athletes, but it doesn't involve face-to-face contact) is allowed:
    Street basketball
    Beach volleyball
    Football (5-a-side football / Walking Football)

  8. Playing high-risk sports (it involves face-to-face contact) is allowed:
    ✓ Rugby

  9. Public is allowed at sports shows, according to the rules to be defined by the DGS.


  1. Please book your classes and sports facilities in advance

  2. Note that the classes will be held in various areas in the property, therefore we kindly ask that you come to Browns 10 minutes before the start of the class to allow you time to get to the designated area. 

  3. If you want to attend a class or use a facility, please make your reservation via https://browns.sportstudio.pt
    If you need help, you can call to this number (+351) 289 322 740 as of 24 hrs before the class. We will confirm your spot. Please note we will not take any reservations earlier than 24 hours before the class. 


  1. In order to reduce transactions as much as possible, we will not be providing towels at the moment. Please bring your own.

  2. If you have an exercise mat at home, we wish to encourage you to bring it with you.
    Bringing your own mat is optional, we will continue to have mats available and will be cleaning regularly. 

  3. Cleaning your equipment — Spray bottles will be available to clean the equipment you use. After using the bottle, please wash your hands or use the hand sanitizer provided in each room.

  4. Please be cautious using the water dispenser, avoiding touching the tap when filling your water bottle  

  5. Please avoid touching things unnecessarily.

How to clean the equipment? What not to do? Avoid spray the solution on the gym equipment, as it can cause damage. How to clean it right? Use 2 wet paper wopes with the solution to desinfect the surfaces and material you have touched.


  1. The regular opening hours of our Health Club will be resumed in 2nd August.
    It will be open from 7:30 to 22:00, from Monday to Sunday.

  2. The Fitness Classes schedule will be available on our website, Facebook page as well as posted on the member’s notice board. If you want to take a copy with you, please download it on our website, take a photo with your phone or use the QR-code provided.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Do you have any questions
or you need someone to assist you?

Get in touch with us and we will do our best to give you the necessary support.

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